Thursday, November 01, 2007

10-20-30 Tag

Adam tagged me on this one and I must have missed that post, but I just recently saw it. So I am doing it now.

November 1997
Kimmy and I were approaching our 2 year anniversary and enjoying our almost 4 month old baby. What an exciting time and adventure that was! We lived in a trailer in Washington Township, MI and were just starting to attend a new church that would eventually become the first church I would be a youth pastor at, even if it was for only 6 months.

November 1987
I was 14 years old and in 9th grade at Carter Junior High School, it is now a middle school. I played football in 9th grade but was pretty sure it would be the last time I would play, because I wanted to get into theater when I got to Cousino Senior High School the next year.

November 1977
I was 4 years old and do not remember much. But I know I was a cute kid and captivated everyone's attention.

Now I tag Kimmy, Derek, Kent and Dale.