Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

My Lion's lost, but that is nothing new. Although, us Lion's fans used to be able to count on them winning on Thanksgiving Day, even though they may lose every other game. What is new is......

About 2 inches of snow fell on Wedensday and I can not think of the last time there was snow on Thanksgiving here in Detroit. And by that picture you can also see that all the leaves have fallen. Kimmy and I took the last 12 or so tarp loads away on Tuesday.

And to go back a couple of days..... On Sunday when I came home from my unsuccessful hunting trip the Hannah and Kimmy wanted to......

put up our Christmas tree and me being the lover of all things Christmas, I said yes! But the piece of decoration I love the most is the one pictured below, because it says everything that I think about Christmas and believe is true.

The coolest thing about Saint Nicholas is that he was a real live human being who loved Jesus and so this is totally true! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Enjoy the craziness tomorrow, for those of you who are nutso enough to go out to the stores. I will think of you as I lay in my warm waterbed!

OH!!!!! Do you like the new Christmas look to my blog?