Sunday, December 31, 2006

How To Honor Two Michigan Legends

That is how you do it. The 48 is for President Gerald R. Ford who not only was a player for the University of Michigan's football team, but a captain, MVP and National Championship player. He also is the only President to tackle a future Heisman trophy winner, when he tackled Jay Berwanger.

The Bo is for one of the greatest college football coaches ever that not only coached the University of Michigan's football team back to glory, but emphasized the importance of his student athletes to not just excel at football, but become men. And not just any kind of men, but "Michigan Men". He helped produce people who were not just successful in football, but life as well. And that man is Glenn E. "Bo" Schembechler. These two men will be missed and it is appropriate for the team to honor them in this way.

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