Sunday, November 04, 2007

Michigan Beats the Spartans and the Lions pound the Broncos

This weekend was a great weekend for football in my house. My Michigan Wolverines beat up on the Spartans in their 100th meeting to bring their record to 67-25-8 over our little brother's to the north. I was at a wedding during the game, so unfortunately I missed it but I had some friends updating me on the scores.

The best part was when I was at the reception and a guy saw my Michigan tie and said that he was so sorry. That was at the point when Michigan was losing 24-14. Too bad I didn't see that same guy when the Wolverines pulled it out and beat the Sparty's 28-24. HAIL TO THE VICTORS!!!

And the Detroit Lions pounded the Denver Broncos 44-7. What the heck is wrong with the Lions? They are playing great! Even Shaun Rogers was getting in on the fun by returning an interception for a 66 yard TD.

I just find it nice that for the most part, the idiots at are silenced. But I doubt even the Lions making the Super Bowl will silence them. All I know is the Lions are playing great football and Matt Millen is probably breathing a sigh of relief that things are finally working out. He has good coach and the players that were drafted that ended up being busts are gone, and some of them are even cut from the teams they went to. GO LIONS!!!