Saturday, February 25, 2006

Back In The Saddle Again

Tomorrow, I get back in the saddle again. Kent has given me a wonderful opportunity to speak to RSM. He is doing a series on common heroes of the Bible and I get to talk about Abraham and I will also get to do Noah on March 12th and David on March 19th! That is pretty cool.

But what also is cool is that Kimmy will be singing on one of the praise teams at our church. I think I am more excited for her than I am for me! She has such a great voice and gift, and it is cool to see God using her at our church. I know she has missed it.

So it is really cool to be back doing the things that we know God has called us to do. And what is even better is that the two of us will be getting back in the saddle again on the same day. Plus, it will be the day after my birthday! What a cool birthday present!

Hopefully, I won't screw up like this guy!

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