Friday, March 10, 2006

We Are Members!!!

On Friday we got the blessing from the holy father and are now members of Rockpointe Community Church. We went through the 2 day 5 hour long classes and then the last step was a meeting with a member of the staff. The lead pastor, Randy, wanted to meet with us, so on Friday we met him in his office and he grilled us for a solid 3 hours .... just kidding! We met with him for about an hour and just talked about my past ministry experience and what I saw myself doing at Rockpointe besides the student ministry.

He also raved a bit about Kimmy's amazing singing voice. Which embarrasses her, but that is okay, because it is true. She does have an amazing singing voice and I know I am biased in saying this, but Rockpointe is lucky to have her!

So anyway, we are now members and look forward to hopefully a long relationship with them. We love our new church!

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