Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Softball Fun Update

Last week I posted about my softball accident where I had taken a softball off of the knee while pitching. Well, I wanted to give an update. The picture I had originally posted was taken about an hour after I had gotten hit. Here is the one from the next day....

As you can see it looked much nastier a day later. My mom told me to start taking arnica, which is supposed to help with the bruising and as you can tell from the picture I took today that it is working pretty darn good.

I did not pitch this past Monday, because I did not want to take the chance of getting it hit again. And I am glad that I made that choice because this team was hitting several up the middle. And my brother, who pitched in my place got a bruised thumb and bicep, along with catching one ball right in front of his face. And that was on two successive plays. YIKES! I doubt that I will be pitching anytime soon, but when I do I have a knee pad that I will be wearing to protect that area.

And because of the injury I also have not been doing much more leg-wise than riding the bike when I go to the gym. No weight lifting with my legs, but I have been doing upper body with the weights. But this week I decided to up the intensity on my bike riding and my legs are sore! But the good kind of sore.

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